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Mindful Magic Cobham

Mindful Magic Cobham

💫 Welcome to Mindful Magic Cobham
💫The magic of mindfulness 
Ultimately we are all born with key innate characteristics such as joy, resilience, gratitude and self compassion, we may just need some help in order to uncover these and protect them. The Mindful Magic sessions are opportunities for children and parents to explore different mindful tools in order to access these. In each session, we breathe, focus, move, create and meditate
💫 Children are our future Mindful Magic involves sessions where children (and parents) learn tools to help them to have a deeper acceptance, calm and clarity for life.
During each session, we cover 5 magic spells: ✨Breathe
So what does that actually look like? ✨Breathe - we learn simple breathing techniques that help to calm and focus the mind
✨Focus - this is all about learning tools to help us notice and improve awareness
✨Move - We use mindful movement to bring an awareness to what we are doing
✨Create - this is the ultimate mindfulness, it is MAGIC. Children in FLOW, creating something to act as a mindfulness tool: a mind glitter jar, a hopes and wishes box, confidence sticks and breathing wands are a few of our magic creations
✨Meditate - we always finish with a guided meditation to allow children to simply be
Through these spells, we uncover innate characteristics such as resilience, gratitude, contentment and JOY 


Alexandra Legouix

3 M's - Meditation, Mindfulness, Manifestation

The 3 M's...

Scientists have proven time and time again that our mindset and our consciousness has a huge impact on the world around us. 


Do you want it to have a positive affect, or a negative one?

This weekly class will focus on different meditation techniques, different mindfulness approached and weekly manifestation targets plus some lovely Yoga Nidra for good measure!

Drop it all just for today. Listen to yo

Alexandra Legouix

Online Meditation

Coming soon!

Mons 400pm 45min Age 6-9

Mons 500pm 60min Age 10-13

Tues 400pm 45min Age 4-6

Weds 1245pm


NotAnotherGym (above Pizza Express), Windsor Street, Chertsey, Surrey KT16

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